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Slip Ons


Terms And Conditions

1. I can PERSONALISE your shoes to your satisfaction, each shoe has a draft design on paper before they are actually fabricated by hand.

2. Please take note of the fact that i'm a designer, not a photocopying machine, it is not possible for me to make everything look alike.

3. Should you want to customize sneakers or slip ons, they MUST BE PROVIDED by yourself to ensure that they are a comfortable fit for yourself. Please understand their cost are a reason by itself. Only mary janes/flats will be provided.

4. Meet ups are more preferred for collection of your shoes. Anywhere is possible, granted I'm free to travel there. A customized shoebox will be provided if you had passed me your sneakers/slipons in a proper shoebox. All maryjanes/flats comes with a customized shoebox =)

5. Please note that you are STRONGLY encouraged to email me your orders/enquiries, if you do so, please include some form of contact. Please allow me 2 days grace in responding.

6. Before any design works are carried out, a flat rate of SGD 7 will be required as deposit. Only after the deposit has been verified will the designing begin.


8. For deposits i only accept bank transfers, as for the rest of the payment it can be in the form of cash when we meet up. FULL payment in exchange for your shoes.

9. Approximate time for completion would be about two weeks or less, depending on how happy you are with the sketches. =)

10. Designs are limited by ya imagination, and by what my hands can do~ let it out.. let it loose and i'm sure ya will own a pair of fantastic kicks!

Orders / Sold

[Slip Ons] Anthony (43)
[MaryJanes] Shannon (39)
[MaryJanes] Yu Ping (38)
[MaryJanes] Li Ping (35)
[MaryJanes] Esther (36)
[MaryJanes] Sharon (36)
[MaryJanes] Patsy (35)
[MaryJanes] Amanda (36)
[MaryJanes] Patsy (35)
[Sneakers] Jiwen (6)
[Sneakers] Amanda (4)
[Sneakers] Esther (4)
[Sneakers] Sharon (5)
[Sneakers] Salleh (44)
[Sneakers] SSG Darren (44)

Price List

Design With Normal Colors Only (eg.Yellow) - SGD20

Fancy Colors as Add-ons(eg.Gold) - From SGD2

Glitters (Please ask for range available) - SGD2

Embellishments (3d paints, ribbons etc.) - From SGD2

Any enquiries please do not hesitate to email me. These are just generalised prices

*All Paints and Inks used are water resistance, I'll QC them before they are passed over to you. Its advisable to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth. Do NOT scrub it too hard, it may result in wearing and fading of the paint. Do NOT dump it into the washing machine, it has not been tested and shall not be tested! I offer free touch ups, that is if its not too badly faded.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
9:53 AM

Hello Everyone, just for your information. I'll taking a break for awhile.. experimenting something new.. so check in now and then to see if i'm back with my successful bouts of experiments aite?

ya are what ya wear

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
2:25 AM

YuPing~ i finally uploaded your lacey shoe :D

ya are what ya wear

2:06 AM

Here are the latest.. the fourth and the fifth batches, i had fun creating them.. feast ur eyes on them.. :)

the whole idea behind this beauty was to keep it simple.. there u have it~ fragmented...

Geisha's are beautiful.. but who can carry this beauty off?

well, call it the spiderwoman shoe if u like.... but its really a black widow~

Something different for a change.. tribal tattoos for a gal, serpentine wildness... Orochi is the name.

Every girl out there who dreams to be a star.. this pair is for you.. keep tt dream alive by walking in it!

Adapted and improved from black elegance~ there u go.. something comfortable for those who dislike wedges..

The Story of the forbidden love between a Koi and a Geisha...

Mashimaro the gangster rabbit is back! In style~~

ya are what ya wear

Friday, July 10, 2009
5:19 AM

hmmm canvas wedges.. anyone heard of them before? well long as its canvas.. or anything tt can be painted and withstand the element without cracking or peeling.. it can be and will be painted by me!! enjoy~

ya are what ya wear

4:43 AM

Hey there, if you were wondering whether my blog has flatlined.. it hasn't.. had been caught up with work recently.. anyway, NEWSFLASH! Styleslie has crossed the border! now even in Malaysia.. my shoes are being sold.. exclusive to RALC enterprises in Kuantan though.. still looking for awhile to market my shoes.. comments from you guys are very much appreciated and welcome! I've done up 3 batches for RALC so far.. so here's it.. its a little heavy on pictures though!

This is the first batch!!

Nothing but simple curls and swirls to beautify your plain white shoes with.. add a few more flowers here and there.. and there u have it!

For those who'd like to show that they are so loveable they even have hearts and kisses on their shoes!

Everyone needs just a little love sometimes.. emo cartoons anyone??

the name explains it all.. this is my first try.. and i guess i surprised myself too.. there u have it.. japanese tattoos inked on shoes..

These are the shoes from the second batch..

Go green! Something small but special.. for nature lovers out there...

These were specially customized for the owner of RALC, this is his personal pair.. nope not the signature pair.. took the concept of his shop logo and derived this design from it...

Inspired by transformers... copperish background has a shimmer to it.. which side are u on?

Designed specially for the niece of the owner of RALC, ain't it sweet? especially the "study hard" now tell me.. who wouldn't study hard?

These are the third batch...

Some of you may find this looking very much like curls and swirls from the first batch.. indeed its inspiration came from the first batch.. nothing much.. just following my principle of not drawing something identical.. :) unless i decide to mass produce it...

This is not for the average girl definitely, using denim strips.. i'm keeping this design simple with that ruggard touch.. anyone up for this?

The name of the shoe speaks for the design itself.. so i don't really have much to elaborate on..

Take some stripes.. add it to a shoe.. force a tiger into the canvas.. and there u have it.. white and black.. with a touch of silver at the right places...

STAY TUNED for more!! meawhile i still take orders.. dun worry.. ur order is my no 1 priority!!

ya are what ya wear

Saturday, November 22, 2008
9:38 PM

Pata Pata Pata Pon... yeapz.. the eva so popular patapon immortalised in paint :) enjoy~

ya are what ya wear

Saturday, November 15, 2008
11:55 AM

Astroboy~ For ur viewing pleasure...

ya are what ya wear